Octopus heatpump - What is this?

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Octopus Energy has manufactured heat pumps since 1980. Its main objective has been to create heating systems that use alternative energy sources, preserve the nature’s resources and have no negative effect on the environment.

Octopus Energy is the member of EHPA (European Heat Pump Association) that ensures that Octopus heat pumps comply with the highest quality standards of the European Union.

Thank to the energy efficient construction Octopus heat pumps are more energy-efficient in any kind of buildings than traditional heating and hot water supply systems.

The equipment extracts energy from the air in an environmentally friendly way. The guiding principle of Octopus has been designing a high-efficiency heating system that can benefit alternative energy sources, preserves natural resources and has the smallest environmental footprint possible.

Heating necessity of a building depends on several different factors. Energy can come from the sun, the people in the building, and from household appliances. The energy need for the good comfort level in the building depends on the building’s energy efficiency, the ventilation system, the capacity of the household appliances, the outdoor temperature and the weather conditions, such as wind, rain and sunshine.

It is possible to install an additional wireless thermostat to the control system of the heat pump, thus a pleasant temperature can be ensured during a 24-hour period and also the heat pump can be controlled through an internet connection.

Todays Europe’s greatest challenge is to decrease and minimize the effect on the environment that is caused by the growing energy demand.

Due to the working principle of the heat pump it can produce more energy than it uses for its operation. This factor is called COP (coefficient of performance).

Is the heat pump compatible with radiators as well or works only with underfloor heating?

In case of newly built heat pump systems we suggest surface heating - floor, wall or ceiling - because the system is the most efficient and comfortable this way. Heat pumps can be integrated with renewed or upgraded existing radiator heating systems but only after choosing the adequate model.

What is the water flow temperature of underfloor heating? And that of the radiator?

The basic difference between radiator and underfloor heating is while underfloor heating needs only 25-35 °C water flow temperature, radiators work at 50-70 °C that not all heat pumps can produce with the necessary efficiency.

Is there any discount or financial assistance for electrical heating with a heat pump?

For learning the basics of heat pumps we have to know about the possible ways of reducing the costs of operation. There is a government decree in Hungary that creates obligations for electricity distribution companies - ELMÜ, ÉMÁSZ, DÉMÁSZ, E.ON - for providing electricity for a reduced price. There are different tariffs - B GEO, H - that provide different reductions with different options.

What are the maintenance requirements of a heat pump system?

Maintenance is an important part of the basic knowledge about heat pumps since this is a significant investment that one wants to use for a long period of time. It is worth inspecting the system before the heating season that can be done by the owners themselves or by a trained service technician as well. Filters and separators need cleaning in case the ventilation system is not automatic water circuit system has to be bleeded and circulation pumps have to be checked as well.

Is it possible to heat swimming pools with a heat pump?

Using a heat pump for heating your swimming pool is an ideal method both indoors and outdoors. Pool heating with a heat pump works with high efficiency even when the weather is cloudy. Heat pump offers a long-term solution for heating a swimming pool, too.

Additional heating

Additional heating sources can be installed either in standby or additional equipment together with OCTOPUS heat pump. If the heat pump is forced to maintain an indoor temperature that is higher than its performance capacity, the additional heating equipment must be installed. The heat pump can be connected to all water-borne systems such as district heating, electric element, oil, gas or pellet boiler.

Advantages of OCTOPUS eat pump compared to its competitors:

Outdoor unit:
  • No moving parts, thus the chance of failure is practically zero.
  • Quiet.
  • No airflow (does not disturb the neighbours).
  • Decorative (available in different colors, can be illuminated).
  • Extremely effective (operates down to -40 °C).
  • Easy to install.
Indoor unit:
  • Long life span (Swedish quality).
  • No maintenance.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerant (high purity propane).
  • Quiet.
  • Quality design.

How a heat pump works?

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Outdoor unit. No moving parts. Resists to environmental impacts

Custom made outdoor unit

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